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President Philip Zoebisch
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Treasurer Joseph Murphy

Ballroom dancing for those who are blind or visually impaired

At Dance Haddonfield we believe in sharing the joy of ballroom dance.  In the past we have worked with American DanceWheels to promote wheelchair dancing.  We started a series of dance lessons for autistic young adults. We are now working on opening up the world of social dancing for those who are visually impaired or blind. 

As our dancers know, dance is a way to truly enjoy life and the company of others. It is also an amazingly effective form of exercise. We want to see this made available for those who are visually impaired or blind. 

If you are visually impaired or know someone who is and who might be interested in social dancing, please let us know.  

We will start with a series of 10 weekly dance lessons beginning in April, on Wednesday evenings. This initial series will be free.  After that we will see what we have learned and how to continue an ongoing series of lessons and dancing. The dance lessons will take place at Grace Church, 19 East Kings Highway, Haddonfield, NJ 08033. (Next to the Haddonfield PATCO (train) station.)  Exact times and start date are still to be determined.  

This is a joint project of Dance Haddonfield, Ballroom Dancing for a Better You (BD4BU), the Haddonfield Area Lions Club, Interfaith Caregivers, Bestwork Industries for the Blind, and Grace Church (providing the dance space).  Dance Haddonfield is a chapter of USA Dance, a national ballroom dance 501(c)(3) non-profit. 


For more information and to participate, please contact us at

Want to know what we
are learning at our

Our instructors have given us permission to display their lesson demos on our Website.

We will starting posting the lessons to be updated.  In the meantime, Dance 4 Passion has some nice lessons (see below.) 

Lessons run for a one-month course and we contract with some of the best instructors in the area .

It is the best deal in town.

Until we post our own videos, to view dance video lessons, visit the site of Leon Turetsky, owner of  Dance4Passion




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For more info contact Philip Zoebisch, Chapter President,  at, or Joseph Murphy, Chapter Treasurer, at


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We have two 45-minute lessons.  The intermediate class starts at 6:00 PM followed by the beginner lesson from 6:45 to 7:30 PM.  Our intermediate classes change every month and are taught by professional dance instructors. 

There is a different beginner lesson every week, and so if you come 10 weeks in a row, then you will know the basics of 10 different ballroom dances.

Following the classes, we have 2 1/2 hours of open dancing (7:30 to 10pm), and of course there will be snacks, beverages and copious amounts of Chinese food.

The price is $10.00 unless you want to take the intermediate lesson which will be an additional $5.00.  This amount is paid directly to the professional dance teacher.  We no longer discount the entry fee for USA Dance members.

Below is the schedule of the dance classes for the next few weeks - subject to change if need be.  

All intermediate classes are taught by dance instructors.  All beginner classes are taught by George Davis, except when he is not available.  In that case, the intermediate class teacher will teach that dance.

For more future classes, click on "Schedule" on the top.


Dance Classes Schedule

Date                  Intermediate (6 PM)                               Beginner (6:45 PM)

March 26         Bachata with Mike Andino                      Hustle

April 2              Viennese Waltz with Denis & Tania       Bolero

April 9              Viennese Waltz with Denis & Tania       Salsa

April 16            Viennese Waltz with Denis & Tania       Waltz

April 23            Viennese Waltz with Denis & Tania       East Coast Swing

April 30            Viennese Waltz with Denis & Tania       Rumba

May 7                Cha Cha with Alan Sapperstein             Bachata

For more future classes, click on "Schedule" on the top.



Dance Haddonfield may buy tickets in major lotteries, such as the Power Ball, as a fun addition to the dance.  If we win $500 or less that will be used for the dance.  Amounts over that will be split among dancers this way:  First we only include those who sign in clearly, including first and last names.  If you don’t want to participate either sign only one name, or write unclearly so we can’t easily read your name.  The winnings will be divided among all those who sign in and attend. We will also include the dance instructor for intermediate and Kathy who handles the sign-in desk.  Anyone coming after the sign-in desk is closed can see Marlene or another board member to sign in and pay.  Dance Haddonfield itself will also get a share the same as each dancer gets.  

During the week after you sign in we will buy the ticket or tickets. The lottery numbers are then drawn by the lottery officials that week.   The numbers for the tickets we bought will be included in that week’s Constant Contact newsletter, so check to see whether the Dance’s number or numbers won anything.  

Here is an example.  On Sunday, Dec. 18 you come to the dance and sign in clearly with your full name. There are 48 other dancers, so our total attendance is 49.   On Tuesday, the 20th, we buy 5 PowerBall tickets.  That week they have the drawing and one of the tickets wins $50,000.  When we receive the money we will let you know on Constant Contact.  Dance Haddonfield gets $1000, you get $1000 and each other attendee who signed in clearly with their full names gets $1000.  



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