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Dance Haddonfield


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"Best of South Jersey July 2009"
South Jersey Magazine

President Bonnie Harvey
Vice President Dorothy Walters
Secretary Marlène Collins
Treasurer Joe Murphy

Dance Videos

Intermediate Bacchata
Intermediate Bolero
Intermediate Cha Cha
Intermediate East Coast Swing
Intermediate Foxtrot
Intermediate Hustle
Intermediate Merengue
Intermediate Night Club Two Step
Intermediate Quickstep
Intermediate Rumba
Intermediate Salsa
Intermediate Samba
Intermediate Tango
Intermediate Argentine Tango
Intermediate Viennese Waltz
Intermediate Waltz
Intermediate West Coast Swing

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The $10 Sunday evenings start with ballroom dance lessons where you get the hang of the footwork required to make your waltz graceful, your rumba saucy, your tango smoldering. After that, the dance floor turns social. But what we truly appreciate is the groups dress code -- which makes the whole affair more A list than DWTS. (Dancing With The Stars)

19 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, NJ

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